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Fabric Face Mask Kit - Bias Tape Version
Fabric Face Mask Kit - Bias Tape Version Sold
Fabric Face Mask Kit - Bias Tape Version Sold

Fabric Face Mask Kit - Bias Tape Version


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This kit includes fabric and pre-made bias tape to make five fabric face masks. Each kit will be different and a wonderful surprise, as we are using what we have on hand to fulfill these kit orders. Please see our IGTV post for the tutorial on sewing masks here.

What's in the kit, you say? Do I even need a kit?

You may not need a kit—if you have a stash of fabric, you can get started on making masks right away!

Bias Tape, 10 Yards: A lot of the cost of this kit is in pre-made bias tape.

Quilting Cotton, Half Yard: Each mask uses a piece of fabric that is 16.5" x 7", so you may have plenty of scraps at home to make more masks!

Where Do I Send My Masks?
We’d like to ask you to collaborate within your communities to get masks out to your local medical personnel, delivery workers, food store workers, and your neighbors.

Please check if your local medical facilities have a preferred pattern or materials.

We recommend working together and coordinating via the NextDoor app, or your neighborhood Facebook page to see which medical personnel in your area are asking for help, and if there is a drop off or pickup already organized. In Denver, check for the FB group “Denver Mask Task Force”. Let’s try not to overwhelm our medical community with calls and emails about this, but do as much coordinating together as we can!

Many thanks to Emily Platzer of BLDG 61 for creating this tutorial and sharing it with us! Find the original video and tutorial PDF here: