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Sarah Wraps Herself Up in Jumpsuit Luxury

Sarah Wraps Herself Up in Jumpsuit Luxury
I was worried about the fit, so I decided to make a muslin with our Slub Chambray Indigo by Robert Kaufman. This is a wide, lightweight cotton fabric and very cost effective for wearable muslins! For the test run, I shortened the leg to reduce the amount of fabric I needed. After reading several pattern reviews and measuring the torso length, I decided to shorten the rise by 1”. The crotch still sat very low on me (a bit too close to my knees…) so for the River Tencel jumpsuit, I shortened the rise by another inch, and added 5” to the pant hem. I could have shortened the torso as well, but I wanted to make sure there would be enough ease lengthwise to get in and out of the jumpsuit. For the neckline, I sewed the bias tape using the french method so that my pieced tape would not be visible.

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